Tropical Fish Supply Canada

Tropical Fish Canada

  • Visual Branding
  • Website Design & Build
  • eCommerce Store

A friend of mine approached me to discuss a new company that had contacted her looking for guidance on the launch of their new online store selling live tropical fish, aquariums, and accessories. She was assisting them in brand strategy and copywriting, and subcontracted the design and development to me.

I designed a unique but recognizable fish icon for their logo, utilizing a bright blue reminiscent of tropical sea waters alongside some bold, nautical-inspired accent colours. Clean but casual sans-serif fonts and loose, wavy lines pair with bold blocks of colour set the tone for a lively and trustworthy brand.

With the brand established, I designed and built a WordPress site for the client with full eCommerce functionality.

Logo variations

eCommerce shop

eCommerce shop subcategory page

Stylized drawing of potted monstera plant

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