Ultimate Guide to Mindful ICM Play

Chip Leader Coaching

  • eBook Layout Design
  • Landing Page Copywriting
  • Landing Page Design

While I was working at Vivid Labs, I was tasked with designing a new lead magnet for courses and coaching aimed at professional poker players. Copy was provided for the free downloadable guide, and from there I designed the eBook itself to match the established branding.

Next, I browsed online poker forums, customer reviews on similar books, and other sources looking for common questions and frustrations that the target audience had related to the subject matter covered in the free guide. I then wrote landing page copy that would resonate with serious poker players and convince them of the value of the guide.

From there I designed and built the landing page for the free guide, which fed into existing course and coaching sales funnels.

eBook cover design

eBook page layouts

Landing page for lead magnet

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