Immunity Kit Funnel


  • Lead Magnet PDF
  • Landing Page
  • Upsell Sales Pages

With a strong established brand, JJ Virgin approached Vivid Labs for assistance in building a funnel to sell an immune-focused product.

The strategy was to offer a free PDF guide, Immune Strong, as a lead magnet. From there, additional offer pages sold the customer on a variety of immune support supplements and informational products.

My involvement was in designing the cover of the PDF guide and each page within the funnel, as well as imagery for the Facebook ad campaign. I mirrored the overall aesthetic of JJ’s existing website, using white marble textures, vibrant health food imagery, and using JJ’s videos to engage the customer.

eBook cover design

Landing page design for lead magnet

Sales page after lead magnet

Upsell page for Ultimate Immunity Kit

Second upsell page for 3 month supply

Facebook ad imagery

Stylized drawing of potted monstera plant

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